George Perry is a performance poet and travelling showman. Based in Taunton, Somerset. he earns his living by delivering a sound system experience called Front Toward, busking and performing on the open mic circuit.

His story encompasses a broad range of experiences. Formerly an Army Signals Officer, with operational experience, his story then broke track May 2018 when he resigned. He traveled England, France and Spain to learn how people can not only survive but thrive when living off-grid.

He followed his conscience to the front lines of protest movements. In 2019 he took part in Extinction Rebellion, Stop the Arms fair and Veterans for Peace, documenting his misadventures with poetry and prose. His writings are available from the online store.

After being strongly influenced by protest, festival culture, British new age travellers, urban poets of London and the cult like following that Psy-Trance has attracted and began performing spoken word and grime which you really have to see in person. 

In August & September 2020, with no music festivals taking place, he decided to take responsibility for his own performance space by attending free parties and proving the concept in anarchic circumstances. FRONT TOWARD which doubles as a pop-up open-mic and presentation space resembles a small music festival ideally suited for 30-50 people. 

To organise bookings and artistic collaberations contact me directly using the form below or follow my Instagram. If you like my style and would like to read my sharpest, real time writings and know what I'm planning next, then consider subscribing to my blog and voice chatroom on Patreon.


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