1st August 2020 - Devon

I have been joking about information warfare for some time. Sending volley's downrange on the internet, firing content out there. I joke with my friends about the Truman show & what online narcissism is like, and how you have to be bolshy and bold.

Well, funnily enough, I'm now living 3 miles from Nomansland, and it's about time I started presenting myself, my online avatar that is - a little more respectably.

At present I'm at Acorn Trees & Shrubs helping out the entrepreneur Grahame Oakey with his vision of creating the UK's most diverse conifer arboretum. It's my first regular paid work since I left the Army, and is exactly the sort of muscle man work that I like. There are plenty of brambles, nettles, thistles and weeds to do battle with for they have us pretty much surrounded. On the first full day I was working, there was a spectacular double rainbow which I photographed.

In the near ground is the yard, full of stock which will be going into the nursery when the infrastructure is finished. Here's my accommodation, a static caravan on a concrete hard standing from the old dairy.

There's some overgrowth and disorder that I'll sort out if I stay much longer. As for the I lived in a static caravan like this for two years with a twelve year old sister & mum and dad, and the stress of site life whilst our house was getting built, so this is quite comfortable.

As always, one of the problems with living off the grid is deciding how to prioritise your tasks so that you can remain financially afloat & do viable business. Growing trees ain't a quick buck. It's a long game. But, with no land to live off myself I help others who are doing so until the quest of art takes over full time. Helping to realise the dreams of others is getting my close to figuring out what I'm going to do to make mine come true.

One avenue of revenue that the boss is considering is a glamping business: Letting out bell tents in the field, giving visitors access to the gardens which are very pleasant.

What will be required is a photoshoot for their online marketing. I'm going to suggest that I invite friends to come and help achieve that media in return for that work being done. If I have friends who are available soon then send me a message and we'll arrange dates. It'll be a nice chance to catch up and do camping/glamping more cheaply than you might be able to elsewhere.

Drop me a message if it's something that interests you.



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