This zip file is a trial run at selling intellectual property.


On offer are a couple of files that come in a zip file. I didn't understand why anybody would use a zip file for a long while.


Then, one day, I cut and pasted a whole bunch of stuff from a memory stick at once and up the box came: 3 hours left...


What do you do when that happens!? The stuff's been cut! Will it vanish in the ether!?


Anyway. The two images are C'est facile sigil .svg which is a vector image that will happily expand without getting pixelated.  The sigil is my franchise. I hope it brings a smile to your face if you know the back story. If you've had the black spot then this it's certainly worth looking at it closely, blown up, so you can see all the elements within it.


The other image is the JPEG for the for the FRONT TOWARD hat. FRONT TOWARD is my marketing army and I need all the help with decruitment I can get so the virus fascists don't win.


You can use the images for whatever purposes you like.

Image bundle